Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 3]

January 24th, 2011

As I promised you in my previous post, I’d tell you about my journey to the ancient temples around Central Java.

That morning, M was about to go back to Magelang, and since B and I were on our way to Borobudur which is located in Magelang, M joined our ride *actually, she was our guide because we have to take an alternative route to avoid the traffic, thanks M!* The plan was taking M to one spot where she could continue her journey back to her home easier, but somehow we ended up in the entrance of Borobudur temple *the three of us were quite surprised actually! We didn’t expect that at all!*

And then, the journey to the past began! I guess those pictures below will tell you better than words:


The Temple of Borobudur!
These carvings amazed me!

At the end of our tour, 10 minutes before we got back to our car, a very unfortunate event happened to me! When I was about to take a picture of the ruins (see the picture below), there was this agonizing sound effect I heard *breetttt!* God damn it! My pants!


It’s already a history!


This photo was the sole cause of that pants incident!

Thankfully, we already finished exploring Borobudur. But unfortunately, because of that, we had to cancel our plan to visit Mendut Temple.

Funny story about our way back to the hotel was we felt like we’ve been tricked by trixster *for you who watch Supernatural series will be familiar with this name*. It felt like we’ve been turning to the same place over and over again. We wanted to find the alternative route but we couldn’t find it. But after questioning several people, we finally found the alternative route. Phew!

Visiting one of the greatest ancient temples in the world was one of many moments I won’t forget in my life. I remembered the first time I saw it from far away, I was astonished! I guess, when Borobudur was finished at that time, many people found it more and more …, well, I can’t find just the right word to describe it because even now it is indescribable. And the pants incident above ended my trip.

For you who want to see more complete photos, just simply click HERE!

For you who want to know more about Borobudur Temple, just simple click HERE!

And for my next post, it will be about Prambanan Temples! So, stay around 🙂

Au revoir!


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