Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 4]

January 24th, 2011 [the last half day of it]

After the pants incident *to find out about it, click HERE!*, we got back to the hotel. We wanted to have lunch first before continuing the trip to Prambanan Temples. I also wanted to change the pants into something decent.

We had our lunch in Quack! Quack! Resto; a fine restaurant specializing in duck cuisine. This restaurant is only a few metres away from our hotel. I really recommend this place for its food and service. The latter quality is something quite surprised me and my friend. To have such quality, this restaurant certainly deserves a little publication.

And after getting our stomach satisfied, we went on to Prambanan Temples in the direction to Solo. Prambanan Temples is actually situated in the border of Yogyakarta and Solo. But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that it is in the outskirts of Yogyakarta. It is actually a half-hour car ride from our place. Pretty near, isn’t it?

So, here are the pictures of the Majestic Prambanan Temples:


Prambanan Temples

For more pictures, just click HERE!

The carvings on Prambanan Temples


I was actually a little bit disappointed to find out that most of the temples were closed due to some renovations. But it was paid off by just looking at them from afar.

After taking pictures of Prambanan Temples, we walked a little bit (far) to Sewu Temples. Sewu, which means a thousand, is located a few hundred metres away from Prambanan site. Fun fact: Sewu Temples are actually Buddhist temples. This fact proves that the tolerance at that era was high because Prambanan Temples are Hindu temples and those temples (Prambanan and Sewu) were built near each other. And also, if you want to read a little story about Sewu Temples, you can find it at the end of this post.

Sewu Temples

For more pictures, just click HERE!

When we arrived at Sewu Temples, it was already (extremely) cloudy. I told B to hurry up because I don’t want to get caught in the rain. And after I accidentally took a picture of the rainy sky in the other side of Sewu Temples, I instantly warned B to stop taking pictures and run instead *because we were so damn far from our entrance*. We ran a bit and got exhausted, and just a minute later, it was raining cats and dogs *damn!* And the visit to Prambanan Temples ended there.

I guess this is it for that day. The next day, we were going to visit Ratu Boko and Plaosan Temples. Stick around for that story! Oh yeah, after my “au revoir”, you can read a little story about Sewu Temples I promised you before.

Au revoir!

Sewu Temple itself has its own legend. It was told that Sewu Temple was built as the second task given by a princess named Loro Jonggrang to Prince Bandung Bondowoso (which happened to be the murderer of her father and the invader of her kingdom) if he wanted to take her as his wife. The task was to build a thousand temples within a night. The prince almost completed the task with 999 temples built. But Loro Jonggrang was smart enough by faking the sun rise to fail the prince’s attempt. And finding out the cheat, the prince cursed Loro Jonggrang into stone. You can find a lot of carvings shaped like woman in Prambanan Temples. Looks like she is Loro Jonggrang.


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