Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 5]

It’s been a while since my last post about my trip to Jogjakarta part 4. And this post is going to tell you the last day I spent in that city.

January 25th 2011

Because our flight would be on 2.40 PM, we thought of spending the last half-day to visit other temples left in the city. And so we decided to go to Kraton Ratu Boko and Plaosan Temples.

Kraton Ratu Boko is famous for its misty view of Prambanan Temples in the morning. With proper weather and equipment, you could catch a magnificent view of Prambanan Temples from afar with mists and fog to complete the accent. That’s what people said. Unfortunately, we didn’t have both that morning so we could tell you nothing about it. Kraton Ratu Boko itself *IMHO* is not as stunning as Prambanan Temples or Borobudur Temple . However, I could still feel the grandeur atmosphere of that place when it was still actively used.

Kraton 'Ratu' Boko - Ratu in this name means King, not Queen
Which direction are you going?
Another angle of Kraton Ratu Boko

For more pictures, simply click HERE!

From that place, my friend had this idea of visiting Plaosan Temples . For most people, Plaosan Temples is an alien name they barely heard of. I wasn’t familiar at all either. And I could see that even the guard attending that place didn’t feel that these temples are as spectacular as Borobudur or Prambanan. The reason I said that is because the guard only asked for voluntary entrance fee to this temple *we were quite surprised he didn’t ask for certain amount of money* This place was terribly dead. I mean, there was no visitors but us. There were a lot of ruins just scatter around the place and the broken carvings are renovated quite carelessly. However, when I saw the Plaosan Temples , I felt like I was in India *weird, huh?* I don’t know if that was because the weather that was so bright that morning or the fact that we were the only visitors, that created that impression. But I dare to say that it’s an interesting place to visit. Here are some pictures of Plaosan Temples .

I could see some flashes of Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom's scenes here
The Guardian!
Not bad for some barely-known temples, right?

For more pictures, simply click HERE!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there are two Plaosan Temples; one on the South and the other on the North. But the one on the South is not that attractive *again, IMHO* though it’s only a few meters walk.

Funny story on Plaosan Temples: when we finished with visiting both of the temples and we were ready to leave that place, suddenly my friend B was being approached by a village girl shyly asked him for paying the parking ticket. Well, it doesn’t sound funny here, but it certainly looks funny when I saw his expression of surprise.

Now, the last thing to complete the journey to Jogjakarta was to buy some bakpia as souvenirs. My friend, T, told us that if we wanted to buy bakpia, the recommended is the one with number 145 *there are several numbers used to identify bakpia, from 27, 75, etc* We followed her suggestion and was content with the result. I guess I, too, recommend you to try it out.

Oh, one more thing, if you remembered THIS post, I wanted to tell that the gloomy weather has already turned to be a very bright and sunny one. During my trip, I allocated certain time to go to DHL to send some documents to Lisbon, Portugal.

And then, we took the AirAsia to get back to Jakarta.

I was extremely satisfied with this trip. The experience was totally priceless. To be able to visit the great architectural temples built in ancient time brought me to another dimension of civilization. Besides, experiencing the Javanese culture was exciting; the language, the people, the way they live their lives, and the food, of course! Jogjakarta , from ancient time to present, is a great cultural city that offers many delights to our senses!

I guess, this is it for now. Until next post!

Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 5]

  1. I love Plaosan temples! It gave me the feel of a little ‘adventure’.. 🙂
    Btw cool pics dude! I like your picture that reminds you of Indiana Jones. I cannot recall that angle when I was there.

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