That Boy…

That boy…

He went to the shore to play

Sands and shells are his friends till the end of day

Waves and winds told him the fairytales

That he would be on the grand ship that sails


That boy…

He sang to the sea lightheartedly

He joked with the sun habitually

They loved the boy undoubtedly

And the boy loved them equally


That boy…

One day the mockingbirds laughed and yelled at him

That he was just not the ordinary

He came home and became all teary

Feeling his heart turned blue, sad and grim


That boy…

He stopped going to the shore

For he felt it was useful no more

He thought the sands, the waves and the sun are imaginary

That they were never really there to free his worry


That boy…

He never knew what were all the wrongs

That the shore is really where he belongs

The sands, the waves, and the sun always wait for him

To tailor the happiness and the joy in one seam


That boy…

I wish he realized what he missed

The eternal friends of trust and gist

But he moved and never returned

To the fond memories of that shore he had burned


That boy…


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