This is an old poem I made on Wednesday, 09 September 2009 (090909). That was when I realized that I had to have a dream to move on. That was when I realized that I still had many things to go after than just this life I’ve already had. My life has been great, that I cannot deny. But this world has more to offer that I can still grab and enjoy.

Well, all in all, this was the poem I made to cover all those feelings I had at that moment:


Is it wrong to nail your dreams on the wall?
Is it right to fall upon its endless hole?
Take them higher, let the wind not to let them fall
Take them deeper, right through your pure soul

Does it have a shape, a dream?
Like neon lights that beam?
Can one holds them, my dreams?
Like a chain of seams?

Part of me blinds my own eyes
Telling that I can go miles for those dreams
Part of me opens my own eyes
Whispering me what appears only as a glimpse

Can I tell the breeze sweeps my face about my dream?
Will it give the sparks of hope in my skin?
Or it will sway to grass with a desparation in a hymn?
Well, I won’t know, I’ll close my eyes and lean


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