Being well-known as the inventor of electric light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison is widely set as an example by many motivational speakers to encourage people whilst facing failures. Approximately, the saying would go like this: “If only Thomas Alva Edison decided to surrender on his work with the electric light bulb on his (some number) attempt, there wouldn’t be light bulb and, this seminar would go with candles.”

That is an absolutely absurd saying! Well, let’s scrutinize carefully that saying. If, and if only, Thomas Alva Edison stopped working on his electric light bulb, I’m pretty sure someone else would eventually come up with that invention! So, it’s kind of illogical to conclude that we won’t enjoy living this life with light bulb IF ONLY Mr. Edison did not continue his experiment when he kept on failing. *God! Watching too much Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory has this side effect on me!*

But, I will put off that Dr. Sheldon Cooper-careful-phrase-examination for a while and take just the right amount of positive attitude in that saying.

Recently, I just had the most disappointed moment in my life; the-biggest-failure hall of fame in my life, if I may say *sigh*. I applied for scholarship and I didn’t make it. I wept, I cursed, I surrendered, and I thought: “Will I let go of my dreams?”

Thank God I decided not to *phew*. Though I haven’t really put myself on the same pace as last year’s effort, I’m quite certain I will put on my battle suit once again.

And since I won’t be going anywhere, it means that I will have more time to do things that I want to do. Previously, my friend L introduced to this artist, I, then, recaptured my drawing hobby. I also got this little flickering fire to study my French again, but that fire is too small to be noticed at this moment. So, drawing and photographing will be intensified this year ahead *and for sure, with me saying that I’ll put on my battle suit, it means that I have to get on “the battle” soon enough*

And, hereby I present my first-scanned doodle. TA-DA!

This is actually not the first doodle I prepared to upload, but since that full-colored doodle is not ready yet, therefore I uploaded this black-and-white doodle first.

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir!


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