Quarter-of-century-old Man!

Your life is getting shorter, but everyone congratulates you. That’s the irony of birthday.

The line above is my opinion. It’s funny to think of that. Today, my life is getting shorter, but everyone seemed to think that I’m happy and I should celebrate it. Yes, as a matter of fact, I should be thankful that I am breathing the air until this very moment. But on the other hand, isn’t it true that the end is getting nearer for me? That’s totally a creepy thought for someone who just celebrated his birthday. So, I’ll leave this thought here.

Today, I will mention a different kind of number when someone asks about my age *it’s totally not cool but I have to live with that fact*. But the more important thing is to list the stuffs I want to achieve with this new number tagged in my head.

In this new age, I have a lot of goals, dreams, wants, wishes, or any other names for them. And in this new age, I will try harder to accomplish them! However, my ultimate goal is to fulfill the dream that I have since I was in the high school (or probably way back to when I was in junior high school). That’s my wish-of-the-year!

I guess it’s enough about my ambition, let’s talk about something lighter. You know, as ironic as it sounds, I’m happy to know that people still took a little of their time to give me a little attention on the day when I’m getting older. Wishes and handshakes are flowing today! I want to thank for all the wishes, and I certainly hope the best that all of you had wished me will come true!

That’s all for today.

Merci beaucoup.

Et au revoir!

A little cake with a little candle to wish me a happy birthday from my office-mates! And by the way that's how I look when I am a 25 year-old guy (just a reminder to myself if I forget about how I look when I am older than now)

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