Can You Read The Expressions?

Unintentionally, I forgot to write what this character thought of. I erased the pencil-written draft of what he thought of but later I forgot to rewrite them.

Well, can you make up what is actually happening with him?

The uncut scenes

Well, that’s all for now.

But really, I wonder if there’s anyone out there who’ll try out to fill out the story of my doodle. Hmm, let’s just see..

Until then, au revoir!


5 thoughts on “Can You Read The Expressions?

  1. Picture 1: writing down an order for a meal..
    Picture 2: Hellooo waiter..please take my order. I’m starving..
    Picture 3: Hiks..why does it take sooo damn long? I’m craving…

    1. Well, it’s totally different from what I thought of! But, yeah, the agitation-needy-thingy is basically the same. Guess I gotta learn to draw expressions better, LOL!

    1. Your wild guess is (almost entirely) correct!!!
      In the original draft (which was already erased), I thought of drawing doodles/sketches, not writing a story. But still, you got it right 🙂

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