Story of An Uncle!

I wasn’t a big fans of kids. Not at all. But now, since I already have 3 nephews and 2 nieces, it’s different. They are adorable! Well, of course, when they are all nosy and naughty, they are still not adorable any longer. However, I love them all. And here are my nephews and nieces *the pictures are sorted from the eldest to the youngest one*:

Thomas Keita Anderson - While he is quite annoying when he is all-savvy, but he is a smart kid
Hanna Pearlene Bernessa - Well, she is a very, very clever little girl, and sometimes way too smart for a girl her age
Reika Rachel Karongkong - She is physically a total duplicate of my eldest sister, along with the other genes in her blood
Marvel Jordan Karongkong - Now, he is a total duplicate of my brother-in-law
James Daniel Lee - The last but not least nephew. The last time I saw him, he became really, really chubby *pinch, pinch* Just look at his arms and you'll know it

Well, there they are..

I cannot imagine if they are getting bigger, able to talk and run. It’s going to be a mess *in both positive and negative ways*

That’s all for now.

Au revoir!


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