Though not really a frequent plane passenger, but I’m quite familiar with two airports in Indonesia, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin 2 in Palembang and Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta.

But, do I really know what are the activities going on before the departure and after the landing? Well, I am not really familiar either. However, I captured some of these moments while I was on my way to Palembang from Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta.

Here they are:

This is what I saw from the window right before I proceeded to the boarding lounge. Quite describe what summer feels like, doesn't it?


Sitting in the boarding lounge alone, seemed like I was quite early. The hallway looked quite lonely


The plane had arrived from the previous flight. Now the officers had to make sure that the plane is ready for the next flight
Sitting next to the window, I was then already in the plane. And when I looked to my right, here was this guy who was on his way to load passengers' baggages


Finally, the plan began to depart. Unfortunately, our plane had to wait for the queue for its departure due to some traffic. Looks like this airport is quite overloaded.
There it was, the right wing of the plane. Heading back to P-Town!


The vast sky accompanied me in this 50 minutes flight

Well, until next time, in my next flight!

Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “Departed!

  1. Love the vast sky photo! It remains me the Care Bear’s land! Hm… if you ever see a Care Bear up there, please please please send me a picture! =))

  2. You don’t know about Care Bears??? 😦
    They are Bears with different kind of symbol on their tummy that indicates the role or speciality of the character bearing it. They live in the clouds. Hey, there’s a book and cartoon of it! I even have the pink one with a rainbow on her tummy, “The Cheer Bear”, when I was 4 hahaha =)

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