Preserving Emotions in Alternate Universe!

The title above is actually comprised of two different thoughts I have lately.

First thought: How to preserve the emotions we have at some moment?

The thought was initiated by my inability to keep constant spirit and courage to accomplish my goal. I don’t know if anyone ever feels like they want to preserve what they feel at certain point, but I do want to. Like just a moment ago, I felt so highly motivated to finish the essays I should be doing to get to my goal, but I don’t know if I can resurface that emotion in the future *when I need it*.

Second thought: Is there even a slight possibility that an alternate universe exists?

I remembered being told *for so many times* that everything happens for a reason. Like when instead of being assigned for a job in a city I wanted to be, I was assigned in this current city I’m living in. People said that this was for my goodness’ sake. They said that it would add my experience and I could advance further than if I am where I wanted to be. In some way, I agree with that opinion. But then, what if I was assigned in a place I wanted to be?

Then the alternate universe thing came to my mind. Probably, if there is an alternate universe, that Robin over there was assigned for a job in a place he wanted to be. He probably would have a much better life than the version I’m living in right now. Is it possible? Probably.

However, a make-sense thought is that every decision has its own unique result. If we take a decision differently than what we should take, we might will end up in different situation. So, an alternate universe is actually possible.

For fun reference, I have been watching two TV series which discussed about alternate universes; Fringe and The Big Bang Theory.

It’s quite thrilling to think that there is another Robin living in another universe 🙂

And …

Combining those two ideas, I thought, “Hey, maybe in an alternate universe, people over there are capable of preserving emotions?”

Well, well, well, that is just mumbling thought I have at this moment and I guess it’s a nice intermezzo to post this among all other posts I have made so far *hey, but actually these two things bother me in a certain way lately*

For people who read this post, what do you think about these two ideas? I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

Au revoir!


12 thoughts on “Preserving Emotions in Alternate Universe!

  1. I love BBT and Fringe! Seen all of BBT, but only bits and pieces of Fringe…I really want to start fresh on the series when I have time. It’s all on Netflix.

    As for alternate universes – I don’t know how possible the concept truly is, but the notion certainly is attractive. I think visiting one would be great fun. There could be another version of Shane, or another Robin somewhere out there…even a Walternate 😀

    1. BBT is unbeatable! I love it so very much!
      For Fringe, you should try watching the season 3 of Fringe. I don’t wanna spoil the fun by telling you my opinion (as for Sheldon, he hates it! LOL)

      1. My friends are really into Fringe so I’ve seen some episodes. I loved the retro throwback sequences near the end of season 3 and the trippy episode with Leonard Nimoy. I have also seen the season 3 finale which ruins some major twists, but also makes me want to watch it more!


      2. That was quick Shane! Yes, I love the retro too. It’s funny to see the old theme in the opening.. The last scene of Fringe is quite surprising. I don’t know what to expect in the upcoming season, but I guess it’ll be interesting..

    1. I’ve seen all five seasons of LOST, but haven’t got the chance to watch the last season. It’s kinda strange that they decided to go back to the island after they got back.
      If you like good laugh, you should watch The Big Bang Theory. Fringe is quite good too.

      1. I was a total LOST fan as well, saw all 6 seasons. Robin, you really should finish it asap, it ended very well…if you like Fringe you’ll love S6.

  2. What an interesting thought! I sometimes have thought about it too… specially when Im looking at the stars. Maybe there’s another me in another universe doing things differently 🙂 But lately, I just went on with my life trying not to think about those “what if I was … … … ” hahaha… I’m just trying to do the things I wanted to do. Btw, I haven’t watch neither BBT nor Fringe, but I’m looking forward to watch it!

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