Google +

Well, this past week, the rival of Facebook has risen!

It is the Google +!

I just made my account there and I’ve seen several things that I think Facebook should have. Now, I’d like to give a very simple review based on what I’ve experienced for the past 20 minutes there:

1. Circles!

 This is fun! When I’m on facebook, sometimes I feel a little bit hesitant to post negative status about my workplace (or boss), but with circles of G+, I can post something to certain “circle” 🙂

2. Follow!

Just like tumblr or twitter, we can follow people without having to befriend with them. How smart it is, collaborating the concept of twitter into something like facebook! Like some people said, with facebook you can befriend with people you know, but with twitter you can befriend with people you WISH to know! HA! Seems like G+ examines this thing quite carefully.

3. Photo!

The display setting of photos we upload is arranged in a simpler way so we can look at the photo and read the comments without having to scroll up and down! Great feature! Moreover, we can edit our photos directly in the page. We can select color editing feature or simply crop the photo into the size we want! Fun!

Well, I guess Google + has so many to offer which I have not explored yet, but I will as soon as I got the time to explore it!

Do you have Google + account? If you haven’t got one, I suggest you take your time to get one 🙂 And if you want to see mine, just click here! *I just have one friend in my circle so far 😦*

Have fun exploring Google + guys!

Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “Google +

  1. Truthfully I’m not a fan of G+. I like Facebook too much. That may change once I use it more, but as of now I treat it as I treat Twitter: another social network I signed up for but don’t really need.

    1. Well, actually I’m into Facebook too Shane (been using for quite some time and a bit addicted to it, LOL). But some features of G+ make me feel like Facebook can do better 🙂

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