Climbing Up Golden Mountain

Wat Saket, or Golden Mountain is actually just another Buddhist temple in Bangkok. There is no connection whatsoever to a physical form as mountain, moreover a gold one. From what I read here, the mountain look comes from a concrete wall built to prevent the hill – where a small chedi is located – from crumbling down. And the result is a golden chedi placed in a hill covered by concrete wall that resembles a golden mountain (well, at least that’s my interpretation).

I came to Wat Saket right after my visit to Wat Arun. Since I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough time to reach Wat Saket by foot (I was thinking to get there by walking at first), I then took the tuk-tuk, motorized kind of rickshaw you can find in Bangkok. After a bit argument about the fee with the driver, we finally agreed at the number 50 Baht. And according to the NapPark hostel’s staff, it was a fair price to get.

Well, I guess pictures will describe Wat Saket in a better way. Here you go:

July 27, 2011

Wat Saket viewed from Wat Arun. It certainly stands out amidst other buildings surrounding it.
Bells are easily found around Wat Saket. They are also in different kind of shapes and sizes. I still don't know why. Anyone has any idea about it?
Here are some examples of the bells. Huge ones. On my way down, I saw a few Thais did ring the bells. And yet, I still don't know why.
It is said that there are about 318 stairs to reach the top of Golden Mountain (I didn't count them). And, I did one silly thing, I went up from where I should go down, and went down where I should be on my way up. D'uh!
One of many bells I saw that day. The heart-shaped (looks like heart, right?) golden plate hanging there looks really eye-catching. I wonder what's written there.
Flag of Thai and the Dharmacakra flags flying in the top of Golden Mountain!
View of congested Bangkok from Wat Saket!
One of the monks I saw in Wat Saket. We can find a lot of them around temple like this. Well, here, I was a little bit confused. Some said that it is our way up, but still there were some people going down from this place.
Mini size Golden Mountain at the, well, what-might-be-the-entrance of this place. A small garden surrounds this miniature.
On my way back to NapPark hostel, I decided to walk. Well, since I am not good at remembering streets, I tried to walk back the route the tuk-tuk previously used. Turned out, I forgot! This was the street I passed in my first street I encountered when I went back to hostel.
On my way of getting lost (oops) back to hostel, I finally saw this landmark; Giant Swing! Since it is on the map I took with me, I was a bit relieved because at that moment, it was easier to find my way back. Or it simply means I was not (really) lost anymore.
Phew... I finally arrived safely at the hostel! Later that afternoon, I walked around Khao San Road. The afternoon sky there was beautiful.
At last, dinner time! I tried pad thai with chicken! It costs 35 Baht. It was actually tasty but needed a little bit salt, I think. Well, bon appΓ©tit! The fun night ended and I went back to hostel to start the adventurous trip to Ayutthaya the next day!

Au revoir!


10 thoughts on “Climbing Up Golden Mountain

    1. You must see the making of pad thai. Definitely interesting! It was also another delight beside the pad thai itself πŸ™‚ But, I forgot to take picture of the tom yum I ate 😦

  1. That cable car does not look secure at all…just for the record – you had to ride in it, right?

    Wat Niwet Thamaprawat is very beautiful!

    Also, I notice a slight sense of irony behind your caption to Giant Swing. I think travelling is a great way to find yourself…and in that sense you are not lost anymore.

    1. Well, the cable car swings here and there as it crosses the river. But it’s pretty safe as long as we sit still and do not overload the passengers. And yes, I had to ride it to get to Wat Niwet, no other easier choice here. But once I got there, the beauty was worth the ride πŸ˜€
      I agree with you. Traveling like this made me realize that I am a different person now and I’ve grown much πŸ™‚

  2. for small golden bell has plate hanged with which looked like heart shape, actually it’s the leaf of the kind of tree (Bodhi tree) and they believe that the wishes will come true if wrote down your wishing on. on your photo wrote that “wishing you got full of luck, money and good sense. πŸ™‚

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