Gothic-Church-Like Buddhist Temple : Wat Niwet Thamaprawat

Day 2 – July 28, 2011

Continuing my previous post about Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, the next destination I went was Wat Niwet Thamaprawat. From many articles that I read, I found out that King Rama V built this temple with architectural design of Gothic cathedral with spiky eaves and stained glass windows. Well, I guess I’ll tell the rest of the story with these pictures below. Have a good reading 🙂

As I told you before, how to get to Wat Niwet is not a piece of cake matter. After a bit effort to find, I finally saw the cable car that is mentioned by this site.
This is a roughly made map to Wat Niwet. I hope it will help you to find it.
I don't know what they are, but they look like twin red mail boxes
Cannonball Tree : Hindus revere it as a sacred tree because the petals of the flower resemble the hood of the Naga, a sacred snake, protecting a Shiva Lingam, the stigma.
The flowers are called Shivalinga flowers in Hindi. From what I read, this tree is often mistaken as the Sala tree, Shorea robusta, the tree under which the Buddha passed away and under which the previous Buddha Vessabhu attained enlightenment.
The Buddha image is called Phra Buddha Naruemol Thammophas and is covered with gold and protected by seven headed naga
Beside Buddha statue, there's also another Buddhist symbol here; a small golden chedi.
Wat Niwet Thamaprawat! If I don't tell you that it is a Buddhist temple, what is your first guess of this building?
The interior of Wat Niwet. It still resembles a church isn't it? Well, except for the Buddha statue in the middle of the altar.
I guess this seat is made for the Royal family when there's a procession in Wat Niwet Thamaprawat
Vivid colors of stained glass windows
An image of King Rama V created in the stained glass.
I think this is the image of King Rama V. Please correct me if you know I'm wrong.
Another capture of how this monastery perfectly disguised with a look of Gothic Church
A small hand-operated cable cabin to control the one and only cable car

For you who want to visit Wat Niwet, it is free of charge to enter this monastery. But when I visited this place, it was really quiet. Seriously!. Oh yeah, one more thing. When you enter the Wat Niwet, there will probably be a monk sitting there but unfortunately he can’t speak English. You can also donate some money in a box placed there and later take a souvenir of mini golden Buddha.

If you want to know more about it, you can consult here or here.

From this place, I continued my journey to Ayutthaya, to visit Wat Mahathat and Wat Ratchaburana. So, keep coming back 🙂

Au revoir!


6 thoughts on “Gothic-Church-Like Buddhist Temple : Wat Niwet Thamaprawat

  1. Wonderful pictures!

    The Buddhist temples I visited in China were completely different to this one, it’s so interesting to see how different they are, and still so beautiful. 🙂

    1. Yes, it amazes me as well. I don’t know what they look like in China, but this one? I guess it’s one in a million. I’m glad you like the pictures. Thanks for coming 😀

  2. Though I’m Thai but I’ve never been there and this is my first time to see what this temple look like. thank you for your sharing. 🙂

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