At first, I started this blog as a box to keep and pour all my thoughts, whether they’re good or bad ones. But after a while, I thought that people already have problems of their own, so why bother them with mine? So then, I started to change the course and turned my blog into a media to share my arts; photographs, poems, doodles and such.

And after quite some time, I am finally awarded with something! Yay!

I recently got an award; a versatile blogger award! I guess, it matches me. To think about it, I guess I am a versatile blogger after all since I am flexible about what I’m writing here. Thanks to my friend Bama, who has been very thoughtful by giving me this award.

Newsflash! I got two versatile blogger awards, one from Bama and one from my other friend, L. So, I have to scratch the lines above and renew them. I am really honored that two of my friends thought that I deserve the awards 😀

But, with this award, comes pleasant (yet rather unique) three tasks. First, I have to mention the blog of the person(s) who awarded me this award and I already did it. The second one is to list seven random things about myself (these facts will be the ones that I never explicitly share). And the last task is to present this award to five other bloggers.

Since the first task has been successfully accomplished, so here is my second task:

  1. I am going to start with the fact that I have ever changing little wishes of extraordinary careers. The list of the wishes is still on going, but here are some of them: a novelist, a violinist, an archaeologist, an interior designer, a cartoonist, a cook and several other unique careers.
  2. I still have this huge crush to La Tour Eiffel and Paris, and I know one day I’m going to be there! Un jour, je vais visiter la Tour Eiffel à Paris!
  3. The latest achievement of my life is to finally do my solo travel to Bangkok and Ayutthaya last July (err, I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an opportunist, but you can check many posts about the trip in my previous posts if you like).
  4. I love any food made from potatoes (at least, I have never found food made from potatoes that I don’t like) and chocolate. I can understand if not many poeple are fans of potatoes, but who doesn’t love chocolate (except if that person is allergic or something)? The heavenly sweet and (a bit) bitter taste that is instantly melt in your mouth and giving your throat the warmth sensation. (I just made an exaggeration on my impression of chocolate, didn’t I?)
  5. I never like my height. That pretty much describes the fact.
  6. I want to have a golden retriever one day. I even have thought of his name, but I haven’t made up my mind on it yet.
  7. I love the smell of air after rain. When I inhale the air, I can feel that everything  has been refreshed, especially the colors. For instance, I notice that green is greener after rain.

Second task: done!

Now, the last and probably the most tricky one: five bloggers to be awarded with versatile blogger award. But, I have to say, I am going to present this award proudly to:

  1. inkjot : This guy has a really great sense of humor and the way he pours the humor on the little drawings on yellow sticky notes amazes me! His posts never fails to make me smile.
  2. neilslorance : Another talented doodle-er! His works are one of the inspirations I have to dig out more about drawing doodles. You should check out his artwork on robots.
  3. rumpydog : This blog is told from a perspective of a dog. It’s really fun to read. Moreover, the cute dogs (and sometimes other pets) make the appearance even better. And I am a dog person.
  4. our traveling without moving : See for yourself the stunning photographs in this blog. They’re absolutely beautiful!
  5. plusultra : If photography and traveling are your things, you can also add this blog as your reading. And judging from his photos, the author seems to be very talented in capturing what people want to see from his photographs.

Now, I have completed the tasks!

Turned out, the last task really took me quite some time to finish. I have to dig up all my browsing histories to actually come up with five blogs that are award material enough. Well, the award might be abstract, but the appreciation is for real. For what it’s worth, I hope this kind of concept will help spreading the talent of bloggers in this limitless cyberspace.

Au revoir!


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