Sade Village, Lombok

I arrived at Lombok International Airport around 3.40 PM. It was humid, hot and shiny; the expected weather when you visit a place which is famous for its beaches and sun. The interior of the new airport looks very neat with the dominance of white.

According to the time table given, we were about to visit Sade Village right away from the airport. The buses were already there, waiting to take us there.

Sade village is actually quite near from the airport. It is one of the villages where Sasak tribe lives. They are famous for their traditional house made from wood and hay roof. And in some houses, the floor is made from the mixture of cement and cow’s dirt.

The funny thing is Sade Village is actually surrounded by modern life. Its entrance is right from the main street and unlike that village, the houses surrounding the village are not traditionally built.

After a short briefing about our schedule there, we started roaming the small paths of the village. The traditional houses’ door is very small. It carries a purpose of letting people to show respect to the house owner by bowing before entering the house.

Old woman selling songket to visitors of her village

One thing you’ll instantly notice that, even though their main occupation comes from farming, children and women also use the opportunity of having tourists in their village to sell their unique handicrafts. I have to admit that they make beautiful and colorful songket (traditional hand-woven fabric).

Colorful Songket

Β To sum up my short visit to Sade Village, I’ll let the pictures and its caption tell the rest of my story.

I captured this little girl expression while passing her. I don’t know if visitors/tourists like us are “invading” her privacy by doing tour around her little village.Β 
The face of Sasak’s woman..

The children selling handicrafts and buying sympathy by telling (pitifully) that the money from the sales will be used to fund their school.. I don’t know what to say about this..
Hand-weaving the songket. This woman is really nice. WIth her limited Bahasa Indonesia, she tried to tell story about her songket and answered our questions.
My favorite picture of the day. These two little girls were so excited to see a plane flying above that they jumped and shouted at it. After that, I asked to take their photograph and all they were doing was giggling and looking at each other. Cute innocence!Β 

Life offers so many things to see and experience. I am grateful that I could visit this village to see how they run their simple life. People with beautiful skills and stories which are going to be part of my life.

From this village, we were heading to the next gorgeous place in Lombok. But, that is another story to tell.

Au revoir!


8 thoughts on “Sade Village, Lombok

  1. I love reading about the lives of people that you see or meet during travels. It gives you an insight into their culture. These photos were beautiful in all of it’s simplicity. Thanks for sharing.

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