Pepper-Textured-Sand Beach of Tanjung Aan

The wind was nice. The weather was perfect. And the beach is amazing. Tanjung Aan. A place worth visiting for those who love beach with turquoise water, white sand and picturesque sunset!
It was almost the time to see the sunset. There's a little hill around the beach where you have to pay Rp 2,000,- to the local kids to climb that hill and have a good look at the sunset.
You are going to have a 360 degree view of Tanjung Aan Beach when you are up in the hill.
Sunset at Tanjung Aan.
The pepper-textured-sand of Tanjung Aan is quite unique. It is told that it can be used to help people with rheumatic. You can find locals selling them in bottles.
There are dogs (wild or not, I don't know for sure) around Tanjung Aan, but I don't think that they are disturbing. The only hassle might come from local teen kids.
Though it may not be as popular as Kuta or Senggigi Beach, for those who love nature at its best with far from busy crowds environment, Tanjung Aan can be the perfect choice to enjoy beach and sunset.

9 thoughts on “Pepper-Textured-Sand Beach of Tanjung Aan

  1. I am writing from Kuta Lombok now. Today I visited Tanjung Aan and judging from your pictures, things have changed within the last two years. It’s no longer Rp 2000,- to get to the top of the hill, but it’s Rp 3000,- now. There were a handful of vendors and some were very pushy. But all in all, it’s indeed a beautiful place. I’ve never seen anything like that in Indonesia.

    1. Yes, it is indeed a gorgeous beach. Even for someone who hasn’t spent too much time there, I still remembered its beauty. But every tourist spots are alike, in my opinion. The difference lies only in the subtleness. Again, in my opinion.

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