Down the Memory Lane – The Places

I dedicated my recent posts to the memory of near-three-year living in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatera province. Generally described, Palembang is one city with richness in flavor and cultures. It has history of Srivijaya Kingdom that once ruled this area and some Chinese heritage along with it.

The most popular landmark in Palembang is the Ampera Bridge. Built in the 50s, this bridge has been the old silent interconnection of downstream (Seberang Hilir) and upstream (Seberang Ulu) life, with River Musi separating them. This bridge was built by Japanese experts and also funded by their country as a way of paying back after the invasion of Japan back at that time. In its good old time, this bridge can be mechanically lifted and separated so the boats can cross the river below it without crashing to its body. But since the 80s, this function was no longer existed with some safety reasons.

The traffic of Ampera Bridge - It's always busy with vehicles crossing from Seberang Ulu (upstream) to Seberang Ilir (downstream)
Ampera Bridge at Night - With glimmering lights, Ampera Bridge captivates the eyes of people around it
River Side Restaurant - The infamous restaurant in Palembang with its strategic view to Ampera Bridge. This floating restaurant has become the perfect spot for visitors to enjoy the view at night.
Me with Ampera Bridge as the background - Taken about a week ago, this is going to be the remembrance of my life in Palembang

Other than that, Palembang is also famous for its Chinese inheritance where each of Chinese celebration is done with such fiesta. One of them is the fifteenth day after Lunar New Year (Cap Go Meh) where Palembang Chinese will go to Pulau Kemaro (Kemaro Island) to pray and celebrate that day.

The Big Red Candles - Celebration of Cap Go Meh
The Barongsai Attraction !
Huge incense !!
Burning the offerings for the soul of loved ones ..

And last but not least, the environment where I lived and worked all these years.

The humble environment of where I lived in Palembang - Small rough asphalt path where kids play comfortably without fearing the traffic ..
The bright morning - I was on my way to work and I took this picture. This is how I remember my route to my office.
Approaching my office - In about two minutes walk, I'd be in my office .. I live nearby my office. It's about six to eight minutes walk from my place.
Pempek Lek Min - Though it's not the best place to eat pempek/tekwan/etc, but this place has provided my breakfast all these years. At least, that's someting worth remembering.

I do not have every pictures of places I’ve been and seen in Palembang to be written here. But surely, in the corner of my mind, there will always be part of me who has lived through this city. This city has taught me lessons of life, shed me some tears of sadness and happiness, and of course, the experience that couldn’t be replaced.

Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “Down the Memory Lane – The Places

    1. HAHAHA! This is infectious. You gotta make breakthrough in your life. Life is short and unpredictable, don’t caught up in something you dislike, Liesh! Thanks, I think I’m gonna have as much fun as I can later 🙂

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