Down the Memory Lane – The People

(Sorry for the technical errors happened previously. This post is the revised version)

Indonesia is very rich in diversity, especially cultures. Even I, as an Indonesian, often feel overwhelmed by those richness! The cultures, arts, food and languages are some to mention (by “some”, I mean A LOT!).

While I was actually born in Sumatera, this island itself has uniquely different way of life presented by the locals in each area. I was born in Jambi (pronounced as : jump – bee) and was living in Palembang (pronounced like : pal – lamb – bunk) for almost three years, and still found it these two cities to be completely different. Well, it might be because I have left my hometown since 2004 and haven’t been back since.

As I lived through the beat and breathe of the city of Palembang – just like the current of Musi River, I was sad when I had to leave this city behind and put in the drawer of my memory. Not that I am already attached with this city, but yeah, it has some memorable traces for me.

And those memorable traces are faces of people in my old office which are still vividly painted in the canvas of my mind.

I dedicate this post to those people who have filled my life with lively curves – happiness, sadness, madness – and been the characters in the big novel of my life.

Regional Business Development Team - These three people are the ones whom I worked with for the last few years.
Photoshopped Members of Region 6 - Funny thing is my last day in this office is exactly the same with the Regional Head's assignment in Palembang. He was transfered to another region, while I quit. (he got the bigger frame of this picture). This is such a thoughtful gift. I was absolutely moved with this.
My Last Day - They were not too many people left that day, some of them had to leave for business trips. So, here are some people who were there on my last day working in PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk
The Collage - I took some pictures of me with the members of Region 6 on my last days there. And, this is what I can make from those pictures, as a reminder for my future self of what my colleagues and I looked like 🙂

This is the last post for “Down the Memory Lane” chronicles. I hope that I’d cherish my memories when working there and I have learned all I could for my future improvement.

Au revoir!


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