The Unprecedented Journey

My heart is pounding with excitement yet my logic describes the unlikely circumstances that I hope won’t happen.  I arrived at Soekarno- Hatta international airport at 00:15 AM that Wednesday. The airport is so calm and the dark of the night is overwhelming. I check in and then proceed to the boarding room.

The faces I see that midnight can be easily interpreted by the destination we are heading that night, the far east side of Indonesia. We are heading to Ternate – one the famous kingdoms in Maluku in its time – which now has become the transit island for people to get to the small islands around it.

I am welcomed by the dim lighted cabin once I enter the plane with the service that is quite expected from such airline. What I do not foresee is how awful that flight would be that night. The air-con works like magic; freezing us at first and heating us up later. Well, of course, I do not have to mention the bumpy ride along the way.

Ah, the feeling of relieve that I feel when the plane lands safely in Sultan Babbula Airport in Ternate. I am quite sore for the 3-hour plane ride and my soul seems to linger uneasily when I see the view I have in front of me.

Sultan Babullah Ternate - Airport of Ternate
City by the sea (and mountain) - Ternate
The blue sky, the humid weather of Ternate


After taking a rest for half-a-day in the transit house provided by the company, the mining crews, the bosses and I are heading to what I think will be the only famous restaurant in the city. We eat various kinds of seafood which are good enough since I do need to satisfy my stomach. The unique thing I see here is the existence of Kepiting Kenari – or I can bluntly translate as Canary Crab. The unique features of this crab are its huge size and its colors. You may not be able to see the color in this picture, but if you see it for yourself, you can easily point out the purple highlight in this crab. The dinner is finished – and now, the adventure I never thought I would have, will soon begin.

The comparison of human hands and canary crab!

 To be continued …

Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “The Unprecedented Journey

  1. You need to have that 3-hour flight to prepare you for other long-haul flights! 🙂
    It takes 5 hours from Jakarta to Manila, and about 12 hours from Jakarta to Amsterdam. So, that flight to Ternate was indeed a trial run for you.

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