And the Journey Begins!

Dark-skinned people approaching us when we finally arrived at the port of Ternate. The pitch black night increased the tense I felt in my skin. I didn’t know where we were heading that night and I certainly didn’t know what to do. The immense uncertainty caught me unguarded while the busy port was operating just like when the sun is there.

The busy night life at the port


I woke up at 3 AM in the morning just to find that a roach just passed through me, near my bed in the upper level of the dock. Aah, with that, I couldn’t find myself some tranquility to sleep well. An hour later, I heard that we already arrived in Bacan Island. The 7-hour ferry ride would continue with 20-minute 4WD car to the transit house before we are leaving to Malamala Island. One distinguished thing I noticed during the car drive was that we were on the ONLY road there is to know. This is something I never experience before in my life.

Chirping crickets, starless night, morning breeze, and muddy road – those things were what I experienced when we were at Labuha Port. We were about to eat breakfast provided by locals there. One thing that I learned about journey through the sea is that we’d better do it with full stomach.

Port of Laboeha - The sun was still shy to show itself, but our speedboat had already there to take us even when it was still a bit dark.
The modest wooden bridge


The speedboat ride is 2.5-hour with calm sea surrounding us. I bet I was lucky to have the waves to be that calm that morning. And with my aching body, I finally saw THE ISLAND – the place where I am (still) staying until this very day. If you ever watch “LOST” TV series, the island looks exactly like that. My arrival feels like the arrival of new recruits for Dharma Initiative. (Oh, if you haven’t watched “LOST”, give it a try).

Malamala Island from afar
There you are!


That’s all for now. I still have a few stories to cover within my stay in this island. One week already passed, I don’t how long I’m going to stay here. Let’s hope not for too long.

Au revoir!


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