Leaving the East

I should be grateful to be able to leave Malamala Island, Bacan Island and Ternate a few days ago. Not that I don’t love the scenery or anything about those three places. The reason is the protests which have been going on for several days in Indonesia regarding to the fuel price hike’s plan by the government. Yesterday, the protest led to the blockade of Sultan Babullah Airport – where in the news, I saw that a plane had to turn back to Manado because the protesters were flooding the runway.

Well, let’s not discuss about that news – and allow me to leave some notes about my farewell to the East of Indonesia.

On Sunday, I chose to do nothing but to enjoy the last day in Malamala island. Besides, I have observed the entire operation needed for my report. Even though living in such place is not the best thing in my life, but it was certainly the best experience so far in my life.

The impossible view if I were in Jakarta - clear vast sky from my guest house in Malamala Island
The beautiful sunset rounded out my day in this island

I left Malamala Island on Monday morning where I had to – once more – take the speedboat to Bacan Island. I was a lucky guy – well, mainly because every time I have to deal with the sea, it’s always calm and not-so-windy. On Monday, there is flight by ExpressAir to Ternate – so I don’t have to take the 8-hour ferry ride this time. However, that was the very first time for me to see an airport that small.

If in my previous post, I couldn't show you Labuha clearly, now, I got the opportunity to capture this place in that very bright Monday morning.
Well, the market activity in Labuha made this entire place looks entirely different. This city looks so vibrant - for a small town.
What you saw in this picture is the ENTIRE check-in area of Usman Sadik Airport. Well, it's absolutely normal considering that Bacan Island's population is - what a minute - even Wikipedia doesn't have any information about that.
The ExpressAir Dornier-type plane. This is also mon premier fois getting on a plane with 30-passenger capacity. The take-off and the landing moments were -well, let's say - intense!

I took another day staying in Ternate because my flight to Jakarta would be on Tuesday morning. The flight would be 3,5-hour with Jakarta is two-hour behind Ternate’s time.

The first hour was okay. I was glad to see the beautiful sky with mountainous view below. But after that, I was in misery. I didn't bring my jacket with me and it was damn cold. And I'm not a big fans of sitting beside kids in a long hour flight like this. Yeah, I have my reasons. The only thing that eased my misery a wee bit was my iPod.

Well, this post will be the last post about Malamala. I am glad that I could experience this and it gives so many new things.

Now, I have several travel plans from April to June. But everything is hanging on a thread right now. I just hope that my plan A can work out so I can travel according to my plans 🙂

Au revoir!


7 thoughts on “Leaving the East

    1. Thanks so much! I dare not put my hope too much in plan A, but yeah, I’m certainly trying to be an optimist. Whatever it is, I’ll surely make an update about it.

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