The Next Two Years

 The Next Two Years – After 2010’s Post!

Plan A is totally hanging by a thread.

Plan B is obviously crossed out.

Plan C is far from being seen.

That sums up what’s new about my life. Since two years ago, I have been keeping records about what happens lately in my life, when the fifth month of the year has arrived.

Just like a year ago and two years ago,  I will also keep an updated news about what recently happened and how I felt.

Recently happened:

– The summary of my plans above

– I did take the trip to North Sumatera (but haven’t found the moment to post anything about it)

– I am not going to use the tickets I’ve bought to Penang and Kuala Lumpur TOMORROW!

– I am looking for a job (preferably abroad) that can improve my skills and broaden my experience

How I felt:

– Sad

– Confused

Not really good, huh? But well, my most used simple quote is “That’s Life!” or to complicate it a bit “C’est la vie!”

Being a quarter-of-century old guy, I guess this is not the best number in my life.

I wish next year’s post is gonna be an awesome one, obviously not like this.

Au revoir!


11 thoughts on “The Next Two Years

  1. Patience and perserverance. I bet that there is an opportunity waiting around the corner.. just work towards it. We ALL have crap days, and they make the good days feel AWESOME!

    1. Well, thanks a lot for the encouragement Marina! I guess what you’re saying is totally makes sense. When I have good days, those are gonna be awesome ones 🙂

      1. I am doing the same with my writing – waiting for the break. There’s no other way to succeed but to keep the goal in mind – well, that’s what i think. I am looking forward to hearing about the awesome days, and some of the opportunities that you might accept will be better than the ones you thought you wanted?! Hope that makes sense! I look forward to hearing more updates.

      2. Sure Marina! I will certainly post my trip to North Sumatera soon enough. And I am pretty sure, sooner or later, the better opportunities will knock on my door 🙂 And sorry I haven’t been able to check your posts lately. Reading yours always brings optimism and reminds me of my passion to travel and what good days I could have.

  2. Bonjour,
    I have applied to 8 scholarships programs to study abroad this year. Four have announced, and none of them accepted me. Life’s tough, but never stop trying. 🙂

    1. We’re totally on the same page here. I applied 5 scholarships, 1 rejected (ADS), 2 being abandoned because I thought they were for 2012 intake (Westminster Univ. and ADB for Auckland Univ.), but instead they said that I’d be in the 2013 intake, and the other two were being so CLOSE of being granted (Erasmus Mundus).
      So are you going to repeat all the processes again this year? I got myself thinking about it, but haven’t made up mind yet. The hardest part for me is finding two good the letters of recommendation.

      1. Good recommendation letters are hard to find, indeed, but nothing much we can do about it. I applied for three erasmus mundus action 1 (two rejects, one reserve list) and one erasmus mundus action 2 (reserve list).

        I’m still waiting for the results of four other scholarships, including three scholarship programs from an industry in Europe and Japanese government scholarship. I hope one of them will accept me, but If not, I will reapply again this year while searching for a job after graduating. Who knows I might get lucky this year 🙂

        Since we’re on completely different majors, I can’t suggest which scholarship program you should apply. But, there are many opportunities out there. Good luck.

      2. Wow, you tried really hard this year and you haven’t even graduated from your undergrad study? Nice! Good luck to you too. I am sure a guy with a strong will like yours will have something turns out good. Thanks for the nice gesture 😀

  3. Hi Robin,
    I saw your review from pinoyerasmusmundus FAQs Im on the reserve list for TEOS!
    Havnt heard any thing from them up until now yet. Lets hope the best for all of us 😀

    1. Hi Tarta,
      I’m on reserve list for two programs, MSPME and GIM. For MSPME, the final result is out. I am only being offered 4,500E deducted to the tuition fees. But for GIM, same as yours, I haven’t heard the final result and don’t even know when they’re going to announce it.
      Well, we’ll just have to wait and hope Tarta! Hoping that our status can escalate from reserve list to main list 😀

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