Trip to Lake Toba – The Natural Therapy for Weary Entity

“How many more hours, Sir?” I asked the driver.

“Approximately one more hour to go.” he answered.

My friends and I planned the trip to Lake Toba in January 2012. And there I was that Friday afternoon, in a chartered car, driving us to Parapat. The journey took about 5 hours, with the driver being aggresive. At the time I asked the driver when we were going to arrive, the view in front me had already taken me to another excitement. Even though I sat in a car with an air-con, I could smell the green of the forest outside.

When we finally arrived at the port of Tuk-Tuk, the boat which would take us was already filled with several passangers. The serenity of nature surrounding me when I hopped on the boat really took over me. Lake Toba is a marvelous fresh water with beautiful Samosir Island surrounding it. In the western part of where we were heading, shade of heavy rain already covered our sight. It is something we didn’t see in our everyday life.

The wooden boat to take us to Pulau Samosir
The wind blew my mind away, but the view of Samosir Island I witnessed captured my wandering mind and created this certain awe of this beautiful volcanic island
The current was not calm, but it managed to give us the perfect sway of a boat ride so even the overcast sky surrounding us was something so peaceful
Far west, the blind of heavy rain tickled my curiosity of what lies behind that gray curtain

“This is something that I totally need right now,” I told myself.

With all the uncertainty, changes, and brand-new challenges entered my life with no further notice, the calmness that I absorbed from beautiful nature is the best therapy that I could get at that moment. The vast blue sky, the lush green forest, and the fresh village air; the combination couldn’t be more perfect.

The morning has broken all the silence, with beautiful shady islands we’ve seen. The weather was still unclear whether it was going to be bright or gloomy. But no matter what, this serene view had brought the hope of what beauty this island is hiding.
The thing we noticed along the way is that every tomb is made with such scrutiny and art, as if they want to show how they respect the deceased. This is one of the tombs we saw along our way exploring this island. White tiny beautiful tomb surrounded by nature’s best green.
This was the view that got us thinking that “We’ve got handful of beautiful scenes to see and savor in this island”

 This trip was a month ago and my friend, Bama, has posted the complete journey way before I did. I just wish that I could preserve the peacefulness I felt at that time in a bottle and use it every time I need to recharge myself with such thing. I hope one day our brightest scientists will come with that kind of invention. It will be really useful, I believe.

Au revoir!


6 thoughts on “Trip to Lake Toba – The Natural Therapy for Weary Entity

  1. I can’t believe it’s been a month! Feels like yesterday! I love how you captured the serenity of the lake and its surroundings.

    1. Yeah, it’s been a month. I hope it feels like yesterday, I feel like it’s been forever since the last time I’m traveling. Thanks for the compliments. I guess our pictures have pretty much the same objects 😀

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