The Green Virgin


Mesmerized, my senses to see such grandeur

The green in you, shower me with such splendor

Oh, how I adore you, my gorgeous green virgin

To bask my eyes with your color so pristine

I was freed, from the world so humane

When your magic moves through my vein

Even the world stop spinning for a moment

To let me grasp the beauty of this earth’s heaven

I was riding the motorbike on my way to the next destination at that time. The wind touched my face softly, giving me the chill and breeze through my skin. The sun was good to me, it was bright and the warmth comforted me. And then, from far I noticed that the view on my left started to change bits by bits to this wonderful panorama. I had no other choice but to stop and satisfy my senses for a moment. And even for a moment, I could feel the melancholy that I still have the whole world to see – just by looking at this single remarkable scenery. “Wow! I’ve never seen something so … ” I thought to myself and yet I was loosing words to describe what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes. Being surrounded by artificial world where everything is already touched by human hands, and then seeing this beautiful nature, I just felt blessed – truly blessed.

Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “The Green Virgin

  1. What a nice view! Nice shots Robin. Your photos once again remind me that the philosophical nature of traveling is to learn about life to explore deep within ourselves. Life is wonderful and we can see it through traveling, like you did 🙂 terima kasih

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