Extravagant and Compact Hong Kong – Macau Trip

A bit different kind of trip was what I had almost two weeks ago. I was traveling, not only with companions, but the companions are my family. My mom, sister and brother are the ones who were traveling with me to Hong Kong (and a bit of Macau) this time.

I already prepared a pretty detailed itinerary with the help of my acquaintance before I set foot in Hong Kong so I could avoid too many surprises along the way. It was pretty successful I must say, with almost 80% of what I planned were done.

So, here are the recap photos of interesting objects I’ve visited within that short trip:

Famous Ding-Ding that I haven’t got the chance to ride
The infamous Bank of China Tower with overcast sky as its backdrop
Taking pictures of Hong Kong within this tilted ride to sky terrace
“Okay professor, I’m not good at physics, I do realize that. Spare me the shame, would you?” – One of many pictures of myself inside Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Radiated skyscrapers of Hong Kong!
The Irony of the Wealthy and What-not!
The golden dome of Grand Lisboa! Another cloudy day while we were there.
Ruins of St. Paul’s of Macau!
Senado Square!
St. Dominic’s Church!
Luxurious Venetian Macau’s hallway!
Man-made Venice canal view! Well, I plan to visit the real one in the future.
Old Chinese Boat on one fine afternoon!
(Another) Infamous thing you’d find in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee statue!
Giant Buddha! Well, you could see why it is called giant. See for yourself in this picture.
Symphony of LIght!
The entrance to the magical world of Disney!
The sweet ending to my extravagant journey in Hong Kong – waiting for the magical fireworks!

Doesn’t seem much to you? Well, I felt like my legs were going to break apart from my body on our last day there – probably because I pushed myself too much when climbing up the stairs to Giant Buddha.

But I’m glad that I took this trip with my family. This is such a good way of bonding with my family – too bad one of my elder sisters couldn’t join us here.

I am really looking forward for another getaway from where I live right now, whether for a short time or for a long time. I will always love traveling and seeing new things in life.

Au revoir!


3 thoughts on “Extravagant and Compact Hong Kong – Macau Trip

      1. Thanks. It is indeed an interesting place to visit. Even though, I, myself, haven’t seen the entire interesting places there, but yeah, surely it’s worth visiting.

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