Songs For You, Truth For Me, Mostly

I have to thank my friend, L, who introduced me to this great Brit singer, James Morrison. His songs from the album “Songs for You, Truth for Me” has helped me a lot in my time of need. Yeah, I am a bit mellow, so sometimes I need the feel to be connected to the songs I listen (or at least, I tried to connect the song to my feeling).

All in all, I am not here to promote him or his songs, but then, if you are curious about it, go look for them.

What I wanna share in this short post is the gig I attended last night at Java Soul Nation Festival in Jakarta where James Morrison is one of the many special performers in that festival. Actually, I was going to go there with the other two of my friends, but from the three of us, only one of us made it that far; that’s me. Because this post is intended to be a short one, I won’t discuss about Java Soul Nation Festival itself, but rather James Morrison special performance.

The show was supposed to start at 7:30 PM, but due to some unknown reason, it started at 8:00 PM. The duration was about 75 minutes, and James Morrison sang about 10 or so songs. I realized that I’m not the biggest fan of him, and it can be proved by my not-knowing of several songs he sang last night. But his voice, yes, his voice, I adore it! And his songs are poetic. They tell real life stories but being told in a way that we can make sense out of them into our own life. The music? Of course, the music is great.

And last night’s gig was great. I got the very front and I could clearly see his expression when singing. I only regret one thing from last night’s gig – I didn’t bring my DSLR camera with me. Damn it! I could get better pictures then. Turned out, DSLR is allowed there and I had no idea about it. Well, my phone didn’t fail me but it didn’t satisfy me as well with its quality.

Here are some pictures taken during the gig.

I hope he will have his solo concert next time!

Au revoir!




4 thoughts on “Songs For You, Truth For Me, Mostly

  1. So sad I could not be there and take a photo with James from the closest distance ever!!! hahaha… About the DSLR thing, I guess it’s different for every concert, maybe we should have a research on that! The good thing not bringing a DSLR is that you could enjoy the whole show without being busy making great shoots! Hope to have more great performance next year! I really love gigs and hoping there will be one at my town, not only yours hahaha 😛

    1. Your town? Which one? Lol.
      Yeah, I should have done some research about bringing DSLR camera. But yes! I did enjoy the show, very much 😀
      Too bad you couldn’t join me this time. The distance between the first row to the stage is really close.

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