Waltz Around Walt’s World

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

It was summer, and I felt like the sun was trying a little bit too hard to give its strongest heat. We finally arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland. The cheerful colors and familiar Disney songs did a good job welcoming us on that humid and hot afternoon. After a short MTR ride, there we were, into the wonderful small world of Disney.

Even the MTR is decorated Disney-ish..

It was hard to contain the excitement of enjoying this world. Cartoons, balloons, colorful castles, fun rides, expensive shiny souvenirs and of course, lots of kids running around. I know, I know. I am twenty-something already, but have you ever felt that you wanted the kid in you to resurface and have fun? Well, I did, that afternoon. (Oh, not to mention that you have to pay a bit pricey ticket. I guess, it’s just meant to be to have fun and enjoy)

The very gate that brings out the kid in me..
Balloons, anyone?

The heat wave I felt around me couldn’t hold us back from reminiscing our childhood with Donald or Mickey – and my sister was the one who seemed to have a better shield to this heat. And since we arrived a bit late, this place was so crowded already. Most of rides were already packed with kids or kids-at-heart queuing and I didn’t have the right amount of energy to do so. Therefore, I only enjoyed the thrill from the vibe I caught flying around this magical world of Disney.

Colorful characters from Disney
I found Cinderella’s glass shoe!
Mad Hatter Tea Cup Party..
It’s a small world after all, Le monde est petit, après tout..

The only thing that I regret was the missed opportunity of visiting the Toy Story World. I know that I arrived late and I have missed the early parade. I know that I arrived late and the queue was crazy already. But I have this tiny little hope that – even when I was still in Jakarta, doing my research on what to visit – I have to see this Toy Story World. Aaand, it’s gone.

Those lucky kids!
The house of Mowgli

However, I saw the inner kid in me satisfied that day. He was content that he took picture with Donald Duck, he saw his family extremely joyful being in Disneyland (even though it was really exhausting) and he could say “been there, done that” although it would be years late.

My mom loved this show so much. The classic Mickey’s Philhar Magic
The silhouette of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear
The photogenic clock tower
Mickey, from time to time

And, I completely agree that by entering Disneyland, we indeed enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in twilight sky

Until next post.

Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Waltz Around Walt’s World

  1. You know, you have written an interesting way to see Disneyland – I skipped this place altogether when I went to HK last January. But the rather pricey entry fee would probably make me think twice before I go and choose HK’s secluded beaches instead.

    1. I know this is not going to be the first choice of travelers, but I gotta make the best out of what I had in front of me at that time 🙂
      But it was worth it though, to see, at least my family was content and satisfied.
      As you will, if I travel all by myself, I’d probably choose other attractions less pricey 😀

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