Cloudy Macau At Its Very Best

“Okay, this is not a good time to fill out the immigration form,” I told to myself and my mom when we were in a ferry boat on our way to Macau. The ferry’s dancing along with the waves made us dizzy and sick and it was definitely the worst time to write anything.

Golden Dome of Grand Lisboa Casino
Colors, Colors Everywhere!

When we arrived, I could see that the weather was not really friendly that day. The overcast sky seemed to shade our opportunity to see glimmering casino buildings in Macau.

We took one of the free shuttle buses to Grand Lisboa Casino and walking around from there. Since we had such limited time there, I rushed my family not to waste too much time taking photos in front of the casino since we got a lot to catch for that very short visit.

Our main objectives are to visit Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul, and a visit to Venetian Macau Casino. And when I saw the itinerary and I instantly realized that we had to do everything in the most effective and efficient way as possible.

Drool-maker egg tart

The drizzle was the first welcoming us when we finally set our foot in Senado Square; a place packed with tourists like us walking around with the atypical tourist attires and accessories. Thankfully, the drizzle was understanding not to prolong our suffering of not being able to enjoy our 7-hour visit to Macau in a brighter way (literally).

Wavy lines of Senado Square

As those places that I mentioned above can be categorized as publicly and widely known tourist objects, I already prepared my heart for what I was about to witness when we arrived at Ruins of St. Paul : the colonies of humans invading every inch of free territory available around St. Paul’s Ruins. But then, we also know that we HAD TO make our own way and not to let them win this war (of taking pictures in the best way possible).

Locals, tourists, and everyone else!
St. Paul’s Ruins ahead of us!
A very-hard-to-capture St. Paul’s Ruins (because it was a bit overly crowded)
One of many statues in St. Paul’s Ruins.
Creepy carving of skeleton
What I thought as dragon carving
When it still stood graciously in 1834!
Overcast sky added some dramatized flavor to this St. Paul’s Ruins
Very tidy street around St. Paul’s Ruins
Beautiful kites sold around the street

From St. Paul’s Ruins, we (read: my family) stopped a while for a bit shopping of this and that, and then we had our lunch. Soon after, we took a cab from Senado Square to Venetian Macau Casino and crossed all the way through the bridge to Coloane area. Surprisingly, the taxi fare was very affordable for such distance.

When our taxi graciously stopped in the main lobby of Venetian Macau Casino, both my sister and my mother asked me in such awe, “Are you sure we are heading to the right place?”. Well, I couldn’t blame them because the lobby of Venetian Macau Casino also functions as the resort lobby for the same name. The extravagant and luxurious welcome made us a bit awkwardly uncomfortable.

Luminous and artsy ceiling in Venetian Macau Lobby

Venetian Macau Casino is known for its replica of its Venezia’s canal with gondolas and opera-singing-capable gondoliers. Trying to seize the moment, my mom treated us to get on one of the gondolas. It was a bit cheesy in my opinion, but to see my family happy, the cheesiness seems to be nothing.

Gondola and Gondolier through the canal and under the bridge
Canal and shops around it.

In my conclusion, going traveling family style might be a bit different for people who love adventures and challenges, but the smiles and satisfaction on your family’s faces wipes every regret and doubt you have in your mind about some WHAT-IF questions whether you could have more fun traveling another way.

I heart Macau

Until next post!

Au revoir!


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